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Papers covered in handwriting in a messy pile

You want to write. 

A story. An essay, an article, a poem, maybe a book.

80% of people want to write a book. Maybe you are one of them.

Frankie is one of them, too.

Frankie Rollins takes people's desires to write seriously. 

She believes you hold a vast wealth of experience and knowledge, and that no one else will write the story in your head unless you do.

Let's work together to get you writing. Frankie offers classes and writing coaching and has helped people see their writing dreams come true!

A radiant space for cultivating artistic confidence

Do You Feel Like Writing?

Frankie has written a book to help you get writing. This summer it reached #1 Amazon Hot Release in Writing Skills and #1 Amazon Hot Release in Authorship

"In a sea of how-to creative writing books, Do You Feel Like Writing? stands out due to how Rollins values the magic of each reader's individual imagination while also offering practical ideas and prompts useful for anyone who longs to express themselves, but feels like they don't have the time or confidence. The book embodies the perfect marriage between honoring the mystical creative spark within all of us (what Rollins calls the Fifth Brain) and sharing the tools and motivation we need to materialize that spark." -Andrea F

Cover Do You Feel Like Writing, black and red with a large black spiral

One-On-One Coaching with Frankie

A red spiral represents endless human creativity

"Frankie taught me that everyone has a story to tell; she helped me see that writing can be my comfort when everything around me may feel unsafe. Beyond creative writing, she supported me in seeing what I could not see in myself. In all our conversations over ten years, I leave every one of them with a new lesson, a new tool to make the best decision for me. But, here is the brilliance of Frankie Rollins: she does not take an ounce of credit. Instead, she reminds me of how, all along, I possessed the tools." -Diana Jaramillo

Join a Writing Class taught by Frankie

Frankie has over 25 years of teaching writing - she has taught over a thousand writers in informal and formal classes from 4th graders to octogenarians. As a published author of multiple books of fiction, Frankie knows what it takes to dig deep and shape your stories into the page.  Hosted by the Fifth Brain Collective's online platform, Frankie's classes focus on a novel, nonjudgmental approach to writing that still deeply values craft.

A blond, smiling creative writing teacher sits in front of a bookcase.

Still not sure? No problem! Try a free creative writing class with Frankie: "Access Your Fifth Brain!" Learn her method for accessing creative confidence by learning about your own fifth brain. Classes are online, so you can do the classwork in a time frame that is convenient for you.

Sign up for the free class and get 20% off the next class, "How To Accept the Material That Is You." 


You are the muse you seek!

Learn more about the Fifth Brain Collective here.

Live Weekly Conversations about Creativity!

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