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Fort Collins, CO
Book Release Party

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Sisters Frankie Rollins and Cyane Tornatzky

release books the same year! 

An Artistic Approach to Virtual Reality, co-authored by Cyane Tornatzky and Brendan Kelley, traces the lineage of artist/technologists who have worked with virtual reality in its infancy to the interactive virtual work of contemporary artists such as Laurie Anderson.

Do You Feel Like Writing? A Creative Guide to Artistic Confidence by Frankie Rollins guides you through explorations of your imagination, this book tells tales about the writing life and offers inventive prompts to help you understand why and what you want to write. You are the muse you seek!

November 8 6:30-8:30

Equinox Brewery 

133 Remington St

Fort Collins, CO 

November 2 6:30 pm

Your Material Chooses You

November 8 10:30 am

Pay Attention to Your Knowledge Banks

November16 6:30 pm

Getting Lost

November 30 10:30 am

Writing’s First Home Is Inside the Physical Body

Poudre River Public Library District

Harmony Branch

Fort Collins, CO

Black on gray brain cell image

Philadelphia, PA

Do You Feel Like Writing? Reading and Discussion on Artistic Confidence

January 10, 6:00-7:30

Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery

620 S. 9th St

Philadelphia, PA

Baltimore, MD

Tell Us What You've Seen: An Activist Writing Workshop

January 5, Time TBD

Red Emma's

3128 Greenmount Avenue
Baltimore, MD

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