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Online Innovative Creative Writing Classes

Creative Pathways into Artistic Confidence

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Access Your Fifth Brain

This is a free course that teaches people how to access and celebrate the unique aspects of their brains and their experiences for creative purposes. Based on the Fifth Brain theory invented by course creator and author Frankie Rollins.

In this course you will:

  • Examine your relationship to imagination and creativity

  • Let elements of the fifth brain free you to create

  • Writing: Dig In and Float

  • Weekly Convos with Frankie

How to Accept the Material That Is You

You have a set of experiences that mark your life. This course leads you into the treasure of your own memories, imagination, and associations, and helps you identify the symbols that have raised from the life you've lived. Sign up for the entire suite of courses on writing for $129.99. When you do you will be able to further deeply investigate your experiences.

Once you sign up, you will have access to finding out the following in your writing:

  • Lists from Your Life

  • Psychic Distance and Immediacy

  • Finding the Symbols That Arise

  • Access to Fifth Brain Community Share

  • Weekly Convos with Frankie

An artistic black brain cell image
Five brain cell images in white against black

More Classes Coming Soon: 

Offered by Frankie:

Memory and Imagination:

The Dance Moves

How to Get Lost and Inhabit the Creative Space of Not-Knowing

Offered by other Fifth Brain Creatives:

Using Speculative Design Theories to approach Visual Creative Projects

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