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Reviews for
Do You Feel Like Writing? 

"As I read this book, I filled notebook pages, sent long messages to writer friends I love, had strange and fresh encounters with strangers, and began to feel again the poetics of the world around me." Henry C

"I love this book. It makes perfect sense as a guide to writing, but it's so much more than that. I've been dormant on my writing for awhile, but Frankie's writing philosophy has invigorated me once again."  Mark T. Moxley

"I’ve already read it several times and I return to this book to write, yes, and also to feel more alive. Through prompts, personal narrative, and a grounded dose of optimism, Rollins leads us to dance on 'this loose footing of being a writer on the ever-changing soil of our own cells.' How lucky to be a human animal capable of what she calls the 'eloquence of growth.'" TC Tolbert 

"I can’t recommend this book highly enough—I bought the paperback and then had to get the Kindle version so I’d have it with me—and I have highlighted the hell out of both!"  CJ

"In Do You Feel Like Writing, Rollins grants writers permission to think outside the box, to experiment, to challenge the constraints of social hierarchies and more importantly — and often, more paralyzing — the preconceived notions within one’s own mind." C. Armstrong

Book cover, red, white, and a black with a spiral image and the book title, Do You Feel Like Writing?

"Rollins’ prose is a joy to read! And I love the prompts at the end of every chapter and the full chapter of prompts at the end. It’s a luxurious list, and I love picking a prompt to jump-start my writing—morning, afternoon, or 2am-can’t-sleep writing. I also appreciate that Rollins adheres to no lockjaw approach but acknowledges and affirms all the ways our imaginations are quirky, individual, beautiful gifts." S. Shattuck

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"She is not like some stern teacher who pretends to know everything (although she pretty much does). Rather, she is a mentor, a guide, someone who knows our struggles well, having experienced them herself.

We are all together on this adventure of creative writing, Frankie Rollins included.

The difference is that she has been here before. She knows the terrain, she recognizes the landmarks, and she's already climbed many of the mountains."  Lee Fike

Coaching Testimonials

"That is what Frankie Rollins is to the writer: coaxing, encouraging, electrifying, a trusted creative who generously shares her own experiences with writing, who selflessly extends her knowledge and connects with the writer's soul."

Courtney Armstrong

"Frankie Rollins started a writing coaching business and published a book on writing. If you've ever read anything I've written via Facebook, chances are that Frankie helped me write it. She is the person who taught me how to effectively compose creative prose and I can't say enough about how much she's helped me!"

Eric Aldrich

"I was intimidated to write, although I had a lot to say about my special topic of interest. Frankie helped me break my concepts down into manageable chunks so that I wasn't completely overwhelmed. She also gave me great positive feedback that helped me become more confident - and most importantly, she was able to give me necessary critical feedback in a way I could hear and integrate." -Cyane T.

"Frankie Rollins is perhaps the most fiercely creative person I've ever met. Insistent, powerful, clear-visioned, focused (while still being a synthetic, integrative, possibility-fueled thinker! not the kind of reductionist/minimalist/eliminationist focus that I'm so used to), both for her own creativity and for other people's creativity."

Hannah Ensor

Shannon Cowell

“I took several classes with Frankie at our local community college and fell in love with her teaching style, so I trailed her into the next phase of her career as a writing coach.  Frankie is empathetic, relatable, and adept at digging out the “why” behind every author’s vision.  She balances practicality and goal-setting with a gleeful passion for the written word and creative expression.  I think of her as my book-baby doula—she labored right alongside me through the arduous yet illuminating journey of writing a novel."

Victor Valdivia

"What makes Frankie the best writing teacher I’ve ever had is her intelligence, her sensitivity, and her generosity. It’s her intelligence in instantly pinpointing my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, her sensitivity in giving constructive feedback and discussing even the most vulnerable issues, and her generosity in freely giving so much of her time, energy, and advice whenever I need it. I always wrote, but it wasn’t until I started working with her that I became a writer."

Emma Ivy Brack

“Her superpowers go beyond creative writing into creative offerings of support and techniques to push you towards your writing goals. She is a medium for your creative energies, but she never takes away from the individuality of one's work. Frankie intertwines equity and social prosperity into her approaches. She works as a gardener of visionaries, tending and encouraging you to strive towards your sun, whatever that may be. During the times I worked under Frankie's guidance, she offered me insights, attitude adjustments, and a cultivation of confidence that helped me to become not only a better writer, but truly a kinder and more grounded person.”

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