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What's Your Idea?

Not everyone wants to write, but you do. You have an idea. A memory, a place, an idea, a character. You want to start but you aren't sure where or how. 

When you take me up on a free consult, we will talk about when you started wanting to write. We will talk about what you read or watch or where you like to go. We will talk about the sketchiest dreams of writing or we will talk about your almost finished book. We will celebrate your desire to write. 


Next, we will come up with a plan. I will create prompts based on your material so that you'll never face the page alone.

You will begin to write from a place of curiosity and the pages will fill. 

You decide how much help you need

What Happens After Your Free Consult?
We invent the path together.

Possible Paths

I can read some pages of your work and give you prompts and then we can talk about what you wrote or learned.

I can give you prompts based on what you told me in the consult and then we can talk about what you wrote or learned.

I can read your whole draft and give you feedback, a book description, a synopsis, whatever you need. And then we can talk about what you wrote or learned. ​

I've taught creative writing to thousands of people and this experience makes me very good at understanding a wide variety of writing struggles. You have everything you need, and I can show you how to trust it.


                               My work is guaranteed or your money back! 

                            $199 hour/Or ask about Sliding Scale   



Student Special

Students can get a free consultation with Frankie where they describe a project and receive a set of unique prompts created for the specific project.

$50 per set

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